Well-Being Library

Hey Mama,

Welcome to Hey Mama’s Well-Being library.

The library is made up of resources recommended by our fellow Mamas. The library is free to access and open to all Mamas and Daddies that might find it helpful.

We have collection and drop off points every week in Bradford and Harrogate. Once you’ve signed up and chosen your book. Send us a DM on our socials or message us on our contact page on the website. We can then arrange your drop off or collection for your chosen book.

We can do evenings too if our day sessions don’t suit. Our peer support groups will be our collection and drop off points when we can meet again.

Please click below for our current book list.


Join the library

To get us started we need a little information about you. Please fill in the attached form and we will get you signed up to the library and borrowing books in no time!

We have read and been recommended the books in our library. If you find any of these resources triggering or difficult to read come back to us for an alternative book. If you do and you’d like to talk to our Mamas in our private groups on Facebook or have a chat with someone you feel safe to talk too. You’re never alone!

If you’ve got any recommendations of books you’ve found useful let us know, we’re always looking to expand our library in the future.
This library has been made possible through a generous grant from the Two Ridings Community Foundation – Coronavirus Community Fund and the National Lottery Fund a huge Thank you to you.

For our next collection dates in Bradford and Harrogate keep an eye out on our socials for the dates or send us a message through our contact page.