Letters of Love

Can you help a Mama out?

We are working on a little project called Letters of Love, which are letters from one Mama to another. Held together in a pocket-size piece of loveliness.

We hope this piece of love and encouragement will meet Mamas in the difficult and lonely times. With a gift from Mamas who know how they feel and have come out the other side.

This project was started quite some time ago but due to the current crisis, we have hope that our message will help many Mamas to come.

Could you help us?

We are looking for Mamas who would: 

🖤 Tell us their story. These can be anonymous or with a picture. 

🖤 Write a letter of hope for another Mama. This may be about your own experiences of motherhood and or some encouragement. 

🖤 Tell us a piece of advice you would have given your past self in the tough times. 

🖤 Tell us a quote or message that inspires you and makes you feel good. 

In return, we will be holding a launch event. When COVID:19 permits. This will be held in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

To take part please add your story, message or letters to the survey (INSERT SURVEY)). 

It is all anonymous unless you say.  If you would like to add your email address, you will be invited to the launch whenever that might be. 

If you’re not in the Bradford area, put your address in the box and you’ll get a little treat in the post. 

You’re never alone. 🖤 x