Hey Mama is an online and in person community run by Mamas. It is for all Mamas. However you became a Mama and however old your children are. 

Hey Mama was set up to support those having a hard time,  experiencing mental health illness anytime during pregnancy and after birth. 

It is a safe space for Mamas to support one another in a non judgemental and supportive space. From one Mama to another Mama.

We are not a Mama and tot group. Children are welcome and we have toys but we are not a playgroup. Our focus is loving on our Mamas and providing a safe space to talk if they choose too.

Of course! We have toys, play mats and bring in different activities such as crafts and messy play on different weeks.

Of course! There are a number of Mamas who come along without their children. There are also lots of babes to squeeze too if you’re missing baby cuddles too.

We don’t at present. However keep an eye on our socials for pop up events.

We aim to provide a relaxed and welcoming environment. The space is run by Mamas who have experienced a range of mental health experiences. The space is mother lead and a space where you can share and talk Mama to Mama with no judgement. There is also no pressure to share anything about how you’re feeling. Some Mamas find just knowing others are struggling and have been there before can be a great comfort. We run like a coffee morning, it’s relaxed, there’s no pressure to stay for the whole session, the children play, we laugh a lot it’s just a space to be with other Mamas.

We have information on local mental health services available. If there is any particular information you would like please send us a message on our social media or give us an email and we can sign post you to the right service.  Hey Mama is a peer lead service and we are not medical professionals. All our volunteers have personal experience of mental health.

Of course! Hey Mama is a safe space to do that, from one Mama to another. If we have some concerns about how you’re feeling we may talk to someone regarding your safety.

Not currently.

No. We aim to provide a safe space you can if you choose too. There’s no pressure to share. Come and be as you are.

No, the group is set up to create a safe, open, honest space where Mamas can share if they choose too. It’s also a space for those having a hard time and those preferring a smaller group.

We meet regularly face to face at our peer support groups and events.

We also have the Hey Mama Social Club and Hey Mama : Chat. These are our online private groups on Facebook.

Hey Mama CHAT is a space to chat and share Mama to Mama. Visit Hey Mama CHAT on facebook

Join Hey Mama Social Club for giggle and all the
Information about our future events. Visit Hey Mama Social Club on facebook

We all have those questions we’d love to ask. Questions that might feel silly, scary or that we’re embarrassed to ask but you’d like to hear from other Mamas about their experiences? Well look no further than our ‘Asking for a friend’ posts. Send us a message or an email and we will post anonymously on our social media on your behalf. These are our ‘Asking for a friend’ posts.

Hey Mama is a Community Interest Company. This enables us to apply for grants and funding. This enables us to provide our peer support services for free and is enabling us to develop our services. This also enables to sell services and products to raise our own funds. We are a not for profit group.

We currently have a Just Giving page. Funds raised through this will enable us to continue to give out our Hey Mama packs. These packs are made up of little treats to local Mamas.