Hey Mama

Hey Mama is an online community run by Mamas. It is for all mothers struggling with their mental health. From pregnancy to anytime after birth. The group is for any mother however old your children are and however you came to be a mother. Hey Mama is an inclusive, safe and non-judgemental space. A community of Mamas with lived experience of maternal mental health. There is no pressure to share how you’re feeling but there is no elephant in the room. We know how it feels, there’s no pressure to pretend you’re ok if you’re not. You are welcome Mama, just as you are.

What is Peer Support?

Peer support happens when people share a knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other.

We believe peer support is powerful! The simple actions, of getting alongside each other from one Mama to another. To build up, share, cry with, laugh and grow.

Hey Mama is a community of mamas who gather, either in person or online. We are a collection of mamas with lived experiences of maternal mental health.

Our peer support groups run similarly to a coffee morning. There are toys and crafts for the children. Hot coffee, herbal tea, biscuits and healthy snacks for all.

The groups are small and there is no pressure to talk about how you’re feeling. However Hey Mama peer support groups are a non-judgemental, open space if you would like to talk to our trained peer support workers and mamas about how you’re feeling then that’s what we’re there for. If you’re feeling really poorly and might benefit from some additional support, we can signpost you to some additional services in confidence.

Some of our Mamas have shared their feelings of relief. Knowing that there is no need to hide how you’re feeling if you’re having a bad day. Knowing the others in the room, regardless if they share or not are going through it or have been there too. You are never alone.

There will always be someone to hold your baby. Make you a brew and biscuits with a listening ear, with no judgements.

We know it can be daunting and scary coming along to groups for the first time. If you’re feeling anxious and would like to talk to someone before coming, get in touch through our social media or send us a message through our contact page.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Where Hey Mama began…


My name is Trish, the Mama behind Hey Mama. I’m a Londoner living in West Yorkshire. A wife, mama of two wild boys and fur Mama.

I have struggled with my mental health on and off since my late teens. I’ve worked hard to figure out my own way to help my head. Supporting my mental health through medication, talking therapies, a good ugly cry and cake with friends.

The idea for Hey Mama came after the birth of my second child. My first pregnancy and time after he was born was wrapped in depression and anxiety. I couldn’t see it at the time.

It was after my second pregnancy and birth that I realised my first experience was not how it should have felt. I asked the midwife after my son’s 6 week check, why I felt so good. She looked at me like I was a weirdo. I didn’t feel well after my first birth and recovery took a long time. After my second I felt well, tired but well and it so felt good! Different but good.

I have experienced anxiety since my second babe and if I’m honest with myself probably postnatal depression too. I am still very much a work in progress, and that is ok.

The difference in my experiences led me to think about other Mama’s stories. Through the magical powers of social media I heard from over 140 Mamas around their pregnancy and mental health experience after birth. Some I related to, some broke my heart and others, wow! what an experience.

From there, Hey Mama was born. Hey Mama is a community online and in person. We meet in person in Yorkshire check out our ‘Hey Mama Peer Support Groups’ page for more details on our groups. Online, we have Mamas from different places all around the world, everyone is welcome.

I am passionate about being open and talking about maternal mental health. We all have mental health, sometimes it’s good, other times it’s not so good and that is ok.

I’ve spent so much time feeling shame around my mental health. Which is nonsense really! I hope by being so open about my experiences. Others may know they are not alone in how they’re feeling.

There is a lot of help out there to support your mental health. Reach out Mama, it maybe a chat with your neighbour, your own Mama or best friend. There is support from your GP or health visitor and a large list of charities and community groups who are there for you.

Welcome Mama, you are never alone!

Trish x